NEXT PROS: Rickey Holt, Fiber Optics Technician

By Arkansas Next staff on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Jacob Slaton
"One perk I love about my job is I get to work on a variety of projects. I could be installing and activating services for a customer one day then splicing fiber while working outdoors the next." – Rickey Holt

Rickey Holt

High school: Bay High School  | Age: 35  | Where I trained: Arkansas State University-Newport | What I earned: Associate of Applied Science in General Technology with an emphasis in Telecommunications  | Job title: Installation and Repair Lead Technician | Employer: Ritter Communications in Jonesboro

What do telecommunications line installers and repairers do?

They install and repair hybrid fiber coax, copper and fiber optic cables that deliver communications services such as internet, phone and TV to residential and business customers. Install and repair techs terminate cables by connecting them to devices which makes the services ready to use and splice together cables to distribute services throughout buildings or neighborhoods.

“On an average day, I could be splicing fiber to activate services for someone or working on an outage caused by someone digging in the wrong spot and hitting our service." Rickey


• Travel to work sites to perform installation, repair or maintenance work.

• Analyze data to assess equipment operation.

• Lay cables to connect equipment.

• Calculate requirements for projects.

• Assemble structural components.

Job Outlook

Average annual job openings in Arkansas.

Jobs in Arkansas by 2026.

Work Ethic Needs

“The main thing that someone who is considering this job would need is a good work ethic and the ability to adapt quickly to change. As technology advances, so does this field of work and you have to be dedicated to learning and growing with the changes.

“We have many options for progressing in our field. I started out as an installer and worked my way up to a service tech. I am now the lead install and repair technician. I feel that as long as you keep putting in effort and are willing to learn, you can advance in this field.”Rickey

This option is for you if:
You like keeping up with the latest technology.
You have a steady hand.
You’re a problem solver.
You’re a people person.
You’re not an “office person.”

High-end earners (top 10%) make

Median wages in Arkansas
$62,020 Annual
$29.82 Hourly


Arkansas State University–Newport
National Park College
NorthWest Arkansas Community College


L'Oreal Maybelline Co.
Ritter Communications
Simmons Foods, Inc. & Affiliates


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