Budgeting & Spending

How to Create a Budget

Here's the most important financial tool you’ll ever use.

How to Save $1 Million(ish) as Fast as Possible

While the advice is as simple as "save your money," we know it's not that easy. The following tips, tricks and tools are here to help you start now, so you can enjoy the spoils of your financially responsible habits as an adult!

The New Rich: Living Within Your Means

Turns out for Gen Z, the new rich, the rich you really want to be, isn’t showy. It’s security. We’re talking about building real wealth.

How to Read Your Paycheck

Understanding what you actually get to take home on payday can be quite the reality "check."

Buyer Beware: Social Media Traps and Other Online Scams

Online companies, scammers and advertisers have more opportunity than ever to manipulate you and take your money.

Love & Money: When Relationships Complicate Your Cash

The old precedents about “who pays for what” and “how do we split the rent” no longer apply as younger generations forge new paths in developing their own finances and futures.

Listen Up! 7 Money Podcasts We’re Loving (and Learning From)

Lending an ear to these programs will help you with your spending.

QUIZ: How Much Money Do You Need for Your Dream Life?

Wondering about how much money you’ll need to make in your future career to live the life you want? This game can help you figure that out and offer some possible career paths based on your lifestyle preferences.