College Prep

Majors that Majorly Pay Off

When selecting a college degree and career field, it’s important to research the average salary and high-end earnings.

Majors that Don't Pay Off

It’s good to be mindful of majors that require high levels of education for relatively low wages in the career field.

Stretching Your Scholarship Dollars

There are several financial avenues you can take to help with this such as scholarships, grants and loans, but students sometimes overlook how to get the most out of their financial aid dollars.

The Perks vs. Pitfalls of Student Loans

Weigh the pros and cons of taking out student loans for your education

Majors that Majorly Pay Off: Business Administration

“This degree has taught me how to manage those around me, and how to express myself in tough situations,” Eli said.

Majors that Majorly Pay Off: Finance & Accounting

Sydni Maiorino has always been interested in numbers and wanted to pursue a career that would constantly challenge her.

Majors that Majorly Pay Off: Real Estate

"The earlier you start having control over your finances the better off you will be in the future."

Majors that Majorly Pay Off: Finance

“Whether in banking, investment, corporate finance, or entrepreneurship, a finance background can open doors to a wide range of career opportunities.”