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6 Arkansas College Towns Revealed

Picking the right college is a feat in itself, but we’re here to help with another aspect of college life — learning about the town you’ll be living in. Whether you’re looking for a big-city feel, proximity to nature or something in between, there’s a place for everyone in Arkansas.

College Life Revealed: 37 Tips Real Arkansas Undergrads Wish They Had Known

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a dorm? How college professors really are towards students? What things you’ll need on move-in day? If frats are just good for their parties? Where you’ll be able to find help on campus, if needed?

Take A Sneak Peek at Your Future Dorm Room

Take a look at some campus living quarters from around the state to see what you can expect freshman year.

The Freshman 15: Staying Healthy Isn't Just about the Number on the Scale

College is a unique time of life. For many, it will be your first taste of living on your own and caring for yourself.

How to Make Your Campus Visit Count

Use these tips from Arkansas college tour guides and orientation leaders to ensure you pick the right school for the right reasons.

What's Your Next Level? 8 Different Directions To Take After High School

There are many education options to choose from when building the right plan for you. From a four-year degree program to a military path, it’s important that you’re familiar with all the possible routes before taking your next step.

Throwback: Arkansas Education Leaders Johnny Key & Dr. Brett Powell

Meet the men behind the Arkansas’ Departments of Education and Higher Education—and learn what college life and entry level job market was like for them back in the day!

Campus Allies: 10 Places To Go When You Need Advice

There are tons of overlooked resources across college campuses — resources that can save time, reduce stress and prevent mental meltdowns. Whether it’s overcoming writer’s block or preparing for an interview, chances are you don’t have to tackle the challenge on your own. Here are 10 offices and resources that you'll want to look into ASAP.