Majors that Majorly Pay Off: Real Estate

By Arkansas Next on Friday, April 5, 2024

Lamar Townsend

Lamar Townsend

Lamar Townsend wanted to become an attorney after hearing Dr. Eric Dyson discuss racialized issues against Black people in America at his church when he was a teenager. After he moved from Florida to Arkansas in 2016, Lamar developed a deep appreciation for real estate.

“I noticed a difference in the housing markets in the two states,” Lamar said. “To discover the ‘why,’ I began my research into real estate and fell down a rabbit hole. I enjoy finance because of how a story may be told with numbers … I never thought I was good at math, so I wanted to challenge myself in college to grow and I believe I have achieved that.”

Lamar, who is double majoring in real estate/finance and political science at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, was awarded the Donaghey Scholars Program, which includes a full-tuition scholarship, a housing stipend and an academic stipend. He was also awarded the L. Dickson Flake Scholarship for real estate majors and the Harold E. Eisenberg Foundation Real Estate Challenge Scholarship. 

“I feel that I have accomplished [a lot] at UA Little Rock thanks to the support and encouragement given to students who want to be in leadership,” Lamar said. “I have met people from so many different walks of life and have a new perspective on the world because of the relationships formed [in school.]”

Career goal: "To become a real estate attorney representing leasing, or land-use law"

“Financial literacy is very important as a young student. The earlier you start having control over your finances the better off you will be in the future.”- Lamar Townsend


What a degree in real estate gets you

  • Risk Analysis
  • Market Trends Analysis
  • Knowledge of Real Estate Law
  • Understanding of Lending And Investments
  • Valuations/Appraisals

As of Jan. 31, 2024, the average annual pay for a commercial real estate broker in Arkansas was $154,779 a year. It was $107,028 for real estate lawyers and an average of $75,796 across all other commercial real estate jobs.*