Majors that Majorly Pay Off: Business Administration

By Arkansas Next on Friday, April 5, 2024

Madison Ogle
Eli Lupton

Eli Lupton chose business administration when he was accepted into Lyon college because of the wide variety of opportunities this major offers him post-graduation. He researched careers with this major and found that it aligned with what he wanted to be doing in five to 10 years. Not only does he see himself being happy in this career post-military service, but he has learned that the classes required in this major have set him up for success in his military career.

“This degree has taught me how to manage those around me, and how to express myself in tough situations,” Eli said. “These will be very effective in the military. I also plan to use what I have been taught in the business world to help me and my family attain financial freedom.”

Eli is on a National Army ROTC Scholarship, and he encourages students to look into the Arkansas Challenge Scholarship because the amount allotted to winners increases every year in college and is simple to attain. 

“My main piece of advice would just be to ask yourself what you want in college, and the career path to follow. This major has many different emphases or concentrations within the major, and before I chose this major, I did research on the number of open positions after college and used that to decide.”

Career goal: "Become an aviation officer in the army!"

“This degree has taught me how to manage those around me and how to express myself in tough situations.”- Eli Lupton


What a degree in business administration gets you

  • Versatility
  • Leadership
  • Networking
  • Financial Acumen
  • Communication/Public Speaking

The average annual salary range of graduates with a business administration degree (across all years of experience) is $53,014 to $99,641 in Arkansas.*