College Prep

Flexible MBA Program at UA Little Rock

In light of COVID-19, UA Little Rock is offering a flexible Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program for students to experience the best of on-campus and online learning.

For the Budding Entrepreneurs

Interested in the world of startups? The U of A is teaming up with Startup Junkie and the new Science Venture Studio.

What’s It Really Like to Be a Nurse?

An Arkansas RN shares her experience from the classroom to the hallways of a hospital.

WHAT'S NEXT: Rosemary Sanchez on Four-Year Degrees

After visiting Mexico the summer before high school, Rosemary Sanchez noticed the lack of electricity in rural communities and the widespread impact that had on the people living there. She decided then and there that it was an issue she wanted to help eradicate.

WHAT'S NEXT: Orlando Northington on Associate Degrees

Orlando Northington was first introduced to aviation maintenance during his senior year of high school. He decided to pursue it as a career because he enjoyed the hands-on work and loved how unique the field is.

WHAT'S NEXT: Talon Newton on Transfer Degrees

Talon decided to pursue a career in sports broadcast journalism because he is not afraid to speak in front of crowds of people and loves to share what is happening during a big game.

WHAT'S NEXT: Derika Mays on Graduate Degrees

It had always been a childhood goal of hers to become a physician, but it wasn’t until Derika Mays was working as a registered nurse after college that she was introduced to the world of osteopathic physicians.

Black River Tech Offers One-Month CDL Training

As of June 2020, Black River Technical College now offers a commercial driver’s license (CDL) training program, where students can get a Class A CDL license in just one month.