Getting Hired: 6 Qualities That Employers Want

By Samuel G. Smith on Tuesday, July 10, 2012

With reports of half of recent college graduates being under-employed or unemployed, landing a job even with a college degree can be a challenge in today's economy. Time Magazine asked businesses to identify the qualities they look for in new hires, and these were their responses.

Start building these skills and qualities in high school so you'll be better positioned to land a job once you have your degree.

1. Develop communication and teammwork skills. Try volunteering for a valuable resume addition and a boost to your hirability.

2. Don't just rely on social media for job hunting. Though it can be useful, it shouldn't be your only tool. Learn about how to put social networks to your advantage here.

3. Be genuinely interested in the field you're working in. This means knowing your particular areas of interest. Ask your guidance counselor about taking a personality test or career aptitude test.

4. Be prepared for interviews and know something about where you're applying. We've got interview etiquette covered, too.

5. Start something. Employers are more likely to be more impressed by someone who displays an entrepreneurial spirit than someone who merely takes advantage of opportunities created by others. Start an on-campus club, a public service group or your own summer business.

6. Be diverse. Take a wide variety of classes in high school and choose a minor in college that will complement your area of study and give you an edge. A foreign language is a great choice to put one more skill under your belt.

Source: Time Magazine