PRO TIPS: Construction

By Arkansas NEXT on Friday, September 25, 2020

The construction industry is vast and the jobs within it fit a variety of personalities—from creatives to math whizzes and everyone in between. There are 53,100 Arkansans employed in construction.

Meet The Pros

In 2019, casinos were added to Arkansas Business’ annual list of booming commercial construction projects.

More Jobs in Construction


Median wages in Arkansas
$36,340 Annually
$17.47 Hourly

Carpenters build structures by reading blueprints, working with materials such as wood and repairing damages when necessary.

Education needed: With a high school diploma, carpenters can learn on the job or with an apprenticeship.

Construction & Building Inspectors

A construction and building inspector abides by building codes and zoning laws to survey plans and approve them if they pass specifications.

Median wages in Arkansas
$46,290 Annually
$22.25 Hourly

Education needed: Construction and building inspectors typically require a high school diploma or equivalent and on-the-job training.

Construction Managers

Median wages in Arkansas
$67,500 Annually
$32.45 Hourly

Construction managers coordinate construction projects. They work with others, manage the budget, schedule tasks and manage problems that may arise.

Education needed: Construction managers may earn a bachelor’s degree or work up the ranks of construction.

Cost Estimators

Median wages in Arkansas
$56,620 Annually
$27.22 Hourly

Cost estimators prepare cost estimates for product manufacturing, construction projects, or services. They may specialize according to a particular service or type of product manufactured.

Education needed: People in this career typically have a bachelor's degree and one to 12 months of on-the-job training.

Crane Operators

Median wages in Arkansas
$43,140 Annually
$20.74 Hourly

Crane operators use cranes to lift and move materials, machines or products in many directions.

Education needed: Crane operators typically have a high school diploma or equivalent and learn most of the role through on-the-job training.

Insulation Workers

Median wages in Arkansas
$37,870 Annually
$18.21 Hourly

Insulation workers place insulation in buildings.

Education needed: Depending on the type of insulation worker, they may complete an apprenticeship or earn on-the-job training.


Median wages in Arkansas
$36,110 Annually
$17.36 Hourly

Painters prepare walls, buildings and structures and then administer paint.

Education needed: On-the-job training

Sheet Metal Workers

Median wages in Arkansas
$36,200 Annually
$17.41 Hourly

Sheet metal workers use metal sheets to build products for construction sites.

Education needed: They can train through an apprenticeship, technical school or on the job.

ACEF Debuts New Training Programs

The Arkansas Construction Education Foundation recently launched several new training programs for young Arkansans interested in pursuing a career in the skilled trades. Some of the new programs are:

 Electrical Registered Apprenticeship (four-year program)

 Plumbing Registered Apprenticeship (four-year program)

 HVAC Registered Apprenticeship (two-year program)

 Industrial Electrician Pre-apprenticeship/Registered Apprenticeship with Tyson Foods (four-year program)

 Electrical/Plumbing Pre-apprenticeship with ASU Three Rivers

15 Largest Commercial Contractors in Arkansas

1 VCC Little Rock
2 Nabholz Construction Corp. Conway
3 Baldwin & Shell Construction Co. Little Rock
4 CDI Contractors LLC Little Rock
5 C.R. Crawford Construction LLC Fayetteville
6 Clark Contractors LLC Little Rock
7 Flintco LLC Springdale
8 Bailey Construction Little Rock
9 Kinco Constructors LLC Little Rock
10 Huffman & Co. Little Rock
11 Commerce Construction Co. Springdale
12 Ridge Construction LLC North Little Rock
13 JMD Construction Services LLC Little Rock
14 Van Tassel-Proctor Construction Little Rock
15 Ideal Construction Co. Crossett

Sources: Arkansas Business Book of Lists 2020, Bureau of Labor Statistics