Booming Arkansas Industry: Manufacturing

By Arkansas Next on Monday, October 25, 2021

12% of the Arkansas workforce is employed in manufacturing.

That's 162,199 Arkansans employed in manufacturing
(Arkansas Business)

Arkansas is ranked 7th among the top 10 states for manufacturing by percentage of the workforce and it ranks 3rd in the South.

Meet The Pros

3,523 manufacturers in Arkansas

Manufacturers help drive Arkansas’ economy with $4.72 billion in manufactured exports.

Manufacturers in Arkansas account for 14.93% of the total output in the state

Made in Arkansas

Did you know that so many well-known products are made so close to home? Check them out, everything from cupcakes to power boats.

Largest Manufacturers in Arkansas by Employees

Tyson Foods Inc. 24,000
Simmons Foods 4,400
George's Inc. 4,200
Peco Foods Inc. 3,500
ABB motors & Mechanical Inc. 2,300
OK Foods 2,250
Conagra Brands 2,000
Nucor (Nucor-Yamato Steel) 1,990
Georgia-Pacific LLC 1,850
Butterball LLC 1,828

(Arkansas Business)

Not Your Grandpa's Robot

Arkansas is brimming with state-of-the-art facilities that are redefining industries and how things are made. See what's happening in the Factories of the Future.