Booming Arkansas Industry: Energy & Utilities

By Arkansas Next on Monday, October 25, 2021

Job demand, job security, competitive pay and endless growth await in the thriving energy and utilities sector of Arkansas’ economy.

Over the next 10 years, job openings in wind and solar power, like wind turbine service technicians, are expected to double

Meet The Pros

More Jobs in Energy

Education Level: High school diploma or GED

Cable and Fiber Splicers
Connects and moves buried copper and fiber optic cable
Median Salary in Arkansas: $60,777

Chemical Plant & System Operators
What they do: Operate entire chemical processes or system of machines
Median Salary in Arkansas: $46,980

Control & Valve Installers and Repairers
Maintain electric meters, gas regulators, thermostats, safety and flow valves
Median Salary in Arkansas: $69,240

Petroleum Pump System Operators, Refinery Operators and Gaugers
Work in petroleum refining; test oil in storage tanks and regulate oil flow of pipelines
Median Salary in Arkansas: $69,570

Power Distributors and Dispatchers
Coordinate, regulate or distribute electricity or steam
Median Salary in Arkansas: $96,280

Solar Photovoltaic Installers
Install and maintain solar power systems
Median Salary in Arkansas: $46,470


Education Level: One or more years of on-the-job training

Gas Plant Operators
Process gas for utility companies and maintain pressures on pipelines
Median Salary in Arkansas: $65,050

Electrical Powerline Installers and Repairers
Install or repair electrical power lines or distribution systems; erect poles and transmission towers
Median Salary in Arkansas: $63,830

Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
Operate or control nuclear reactors
Median Salary in Arkansas: $104,040

Hydroelectric Plant Technicians
Operate turbines, pumps, valves, gates, fans, electric control boards and battery banks
Median Salary in Arkansas: $72,230

Power Plant Operators
Control boards to distribute power among generators and regulate the output of several generators
Median Salary in Arkansas: $72,230


Education Level: Certification

Powerhouse, Substation and Relay Electrical and Electronics Repairers
Inspect, test and maintain electrical equipment in generating stations and substations
Median Salary in Arkansas: $87,050

Wind Turbine Service Technicians
Inspect, diagnose, adjust or repair wind turbines
Median Salary in Arkansas: $56,230

  Look for job demand to grow 80% in renewable energy by 2050.

Top 5 Arkansas Electric/Utility Companies by Number of Employees

1. Entergy (Arkansas employees) 1,251
2. Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. 360
3. Southwestern Electric Power Co. 347
4. Carroll Electric Cooperative Corp. 276
5. First Electric Cooperative Corp. 214

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