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Don't Lose Your Scholarship! Here's What Happens If You Do...

It’s a lot easier to lose a scholarship than it is to earn one. That’s why we’re sharing the words of real Arkansas students who learned the hard way — and their advice for making sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Why this Super Bowler is Going Back to Finish His Degree

Super Bowl XLV champion Brett Goode says he’ll finish his degree even though he’s already got a Super Bowl ring and a million-dollar contract!

5 Steps to Being Budget $avvy in College

Graduating from high school and pursuing higher education can mean leaving your parents’ safety net and starting a financial life of your own. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep things balanced, and with terms like “APR” and “FICO,” confusing, too. But by following a few simple guidelines you can begin taking the right steps to a successful financial future that goes way beyond freshman year.

What They Pay: Salaries in Arkansas

Our guide to Arkansas occupations and the average salaries professionals make in that field, as well as the top-paying jobs in America.

The YOUniversal Application Applies You for 20 Scholarships at Once

Filling out this one puts you in the running for 20 different grants and loans.

What's a College Education Really Worth?

Are you budgeting enough schooling to afford the lifestyle you want? Check out the following lifestyles by degree level to see which match your expectations for life after high school.

Degree Discount: How to Pay as Little as Possible for Your Diploma

College isn’t cheap. But before you succumb to sticker shock, know this: 80 percent of freshmen at Arkansas colleges receive some kind of financial aid. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ve got a good shot at leaving college with a degree and little (or no) debt.

Financial Aid 101: Making Sense (And Cents) Out of Student Loans

We make sense of the confusing terminology and technicalities in applying for and receiving student loans.