Apply for 20 Scholarships with Just One Application Form

By NEXT Staff on Monday, September 16, 2013

Add “fill out scholarship applications individually” to the list of hardships your parents faced but you’ve avoided, right alongside “walk to school barefoot and uphill both ways.” YOUniversal from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education lets you fill out one form and find out which of more than 20 different government-funded scholarships you’re eligible for. Plus, it lets you apply for those matches online. See how spoiled you are?

Even if you’re a high school sophomore, you’ll want to check the site out. Plug in your GPA and test scores and see what you’re currently eligible for. When you’re a senior, you can’t do much to improve your scores and qualify for more money, but as an underclassman, you’ve got plenty of time to position yourself for more financial aid. The site will show you where you need to improve to score more money when you can apply for real in January of your senior year.

Here’s a list of some of the scholarships the YOUniversal website hooks you up with:

  • Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship (lottery-funded)
  • Arkansas Health Education Grant
  • Higher Education Opportunities Grant (Go! Grant)
  • Military Dependents’ Scholarship
  • State Teacher Education Program
  • Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program
  • Washington Center Scholarship
  • Workforce Improvement Program

Editor’s note: All programs and award amounts are current as of August 2013 but are subject to legislative approval and funding.

Arkansas Governor’s Scholars Program

Students who receive the Governor’s Scholars award will receive $4,000 per year at any approved Arkansas college or university, and students who get the Governor’s Distinguished Scholars award will receive up to $10,000 per year for tuition, mandatory fees and room and board. This is definitely a scholarship to aim for!

Here’s what you need to know: If you don’t meet the Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship requirements – a 32 on the ACT and a 3.5 GPA or selection as a National Achievement Finalist or National Merit Finalist – you can compete for the Governor’s Scholars award. That one’s based on academic achievement, test scores and leadership.

YOUniversal Mobility
Now filling out the YOUniversal application is easier than ever when you download and use the YOUniversal Financial Aid mobile app! Students can log in to check the status of their financial aid applications, update information and track existing awards. Oh, and it’s FREE!