QUIZ: Find the Tech Career You Were Meant to Have

By Arkansas Next on Monday, October 25, 2021

1. If your family or friends had to describe you, they would say you’re…

Detail-oriented, thorough
Creative, imaginative
Curious, investigative
Studious, smart
Playful, animated

2. When it’s time to sign up for a new club or job at school, you’re likely to choose…

Yearbook or glee club
Hall monitor or teacher’s aide
Biology club or lab assistant
Robotics team or esports club
Mathletes or Future Business Leaders of America

3. It’s summer break — finally! How would you most like to spend your time off?

Play video games with friends
Job shadow a doctor
Be artistic; create things
Volunteer in the community
Be proactive (summer job, tutoring, applying for scholarships)

4. If you could design a new app, what would it be?

A way to block all spam callers forever
A revolutionary health and wellness app
An addictive new game
A trendy photography and editing app
A cool money management tool for teens

5. What are your best skills?

Patience and persistence
Math and statistics
Creativity and style
Confidence and courage
Computers and gadgets

6. What would a successful career be like for you?

Making a powerful impact on the world
Running a company like Google or Instagram
Building and tinkering every day
Making a lot of money and keeping it safe
Finding a job that’s fun

7. Which of these technological advancements is the best?

Self-driving cars
Virtual reality

8. You make the best grades in which subject?

Computer science


8-13 Points

The Tech Creative

Just because you’re a creative, perhaps even an artist, doesn’t mean you can’t find meaning (and lucrative) work in technology. The industry needs creative professionals to fuel progress.

► Consider jobs like graphic designer, digital marketer, animator, web designer, digital designer, UX designer, front-end web developer or social media manager.

14-19 Points

The Gamer

You’re clearly a fan of things like video games, mobile apps, virtual reality (VR) and esports. Luckily, there are thousands of exciting jobs for enthusiasts like you in the tech field.

► Consider jobs like certified coder, video game designer, software developer, audio engineer, computer programmer, vlogger, mobile app developer, AR/VR graphics engineer or autonomous vehicle engineer.

20-25 Points

The Scientist

Have an interest in technology and medicine? Technological advancements are changing the way doctors practice medicine every day — think vaccine development, inventing medical devices and finding cures and treatments for diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

► Consider jobs like biomedical engineer, laboratory technician, medical technologist, chemical engineer, telemedicine software developer, nano medicine researcher or radiology technician.

26-33 Points

The Number Cruncher

You’ve always seemed to just get numbers; you may even be a math whizz — or you’re simply a business savvy student with an eye on the corporate world.

► Consider jobs like data scientist or analyst, blockchain developer, quantitative analyst, sales engineer, network/systems administrator or IT manager.

34-40 Points

The Fixer

That healthy curiosity you’ve always had for what makes things tick, how things are made and solving problems is about to pay off. Just about EVERY industry needs technology that fixes, improves and, now more than ever, protects their businesses.

► Consider jobs like cybersecurity analyst, forensic scientist, reverse engineer, software test engineer, aeronautical engineers, aircraft inspector or forensic engineer.