Your Voice, Your Vote: Brittney Roy of Little Rock

By Emily Franks on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Brittney Roy

Health & Human Services Liaison for Governor Asa Hutchinson

Little Rock native Brittney Roy serves her community on the front line — through policy. While pursuing her graduate degree at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, she worked as a case manager for Partners Against Trafficking Humans. It was in that role that Brittney developed an interest in advocacy through political action. She says she knew it was her passion when she caught herself reading about health policy for fun.

Now, as the health and human services liaison for Governor Asa Hutchinson, Brittney serves as the main point of contact between the Arkansas Department of Health and the governor. She also works with local organizations to gather information that helps her make recommendations for policy development and revision. In 10 years, Brittney imagines herself in a leadership role within a federal health government agency.

One thing that Brittney wishes people knew about her field is the amount of teamwork that happens behind closed doors.

“There are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of passionate, dedicated people working to make sure people in the state are taken care of,” Brittney says. “It’s not easy, but it is so worth it, and it’s the best way to serve your community.”


Hometown: Little Rock
Education: Master’s degree in public administration and non-profit management from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Advice for new voters: When it’s time for me to vote, I [talk] to someone that has a different viewpoint as me, as well as someone who thinks more along the lines of how I do. It’s the best way to have a well-rounded view. You can’t grow if you’re only discussing topics with folks that will agree with you.

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