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Meet the Future of Arkansas Technology

The young developers, analysts, scientists and engineers changing Arkansas — and the many cool tech careers waiting for YOU!

Powerful Words on Climbing the Ladder

As you gain experience in your trade, you become even more valuable to your company and others — and this means promotions, raises and climbing the ladder!

The Coolest Companies to Call Your Home Away from Home

The workplace is changing! Employers are learning that it takes a lot more than a paycheck to keep employees happy. Here are some businesses who have gone above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their workers.

Booming Arkansas Industry: Manufacturing

There are 162,199 Arkansans employed in manufacturing, 12% of the Arkansas workforce.

Booming Arkansas Industry: Construction

Build a life in Arkansas’ booming construction industry through apprenticeships and certifications.

Booming Arkansas Industry: Agriculture

It's easy to find work in Arkansas' leading exports, many of which lead the U.S. in production. Harvest a healthy paycheck through a job in rice, soybeans, cotton and wheat — not to mention poultry, dairy, cattle, catfish, pork, forestry and horticulture careers. The options are seemingly endless in agriculture!

Booming Arkansas Industry: Energy & Utilities

Job demand, job security, competitive pay and endless growth await in the thriving energy and utilities sector of Arkansas’ economy.

Booming Arkansas Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Twenty percent of the top 25 largest employers in Arkansas are in the transportation services sector.