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Getting a Job in Arkansas

Here's who’s hiring at Arkansas’ best companies.

ASU–Beebe Offers John Deere Agriculture Tech Program

After graduating from the two-year program, John Deere Agricultural Equipment Technology employees begin with a starting salary that ranges between $25,900-$39,760.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Joining the Military

College perks, unique jobs, common misconceptions and how to join — an in-depth guide to military service and careers.

The Last Word: More Great Reasons to Consider a Skilled Trade

Young Arkansas pros offer more advice on why it made sense to choose a skilled trade career.

NEXT PROS JOB MATCH: Steven Powell on Automation & Robotics

Electro-mechanical technicians operate automated and robotic equipment. They use both electrical and mechanical expertise to maintain and repair the manufacturing equipment, typically found in a factory setting.

NEXT PROS JOB MATCH: Marco Torres Carranza on CAD/CAM Drafting

Computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) drafters take the vision of an architect or engineer and use computer software to create 2D design drawings or 3D simulations to aid in production.

NEXT PROS JOB MATCH: Kevin Kelley, CNC Operator

CNC operators use computer-programmed machines to manufacture precision parts for a variety of different products. The machines drill, cut and shape the raw materials into metal and plastic parts.