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Powerful Words: Real Talk From Real Pros

Across five major industries in Arkansas, these ten young professionals offer advice on what makes their trades tick.

What’s It Really Like to Be a Doctor?

Young MD Meryll Pampolina Bouldin discusses being a doctor.

What’s It Really Like to Be a Nurse?

An Arkansas RN shares her experience from the classroom to the hallways of a hospital.

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Rebecca Rae Smith reveals what it’s like to work in pharmacy.

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Bralin Scott explains why he just might have one of the coolest jobs in health care.

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The biggest difference between a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) and a Medical Doctor (MD) is the way they treat their patients.

Meet an MD: Corey Montgomery

Corey Montgomery is one of only two orthopedic oncologists in Arkansas!

A Cool Job You Didn’t Know Existed: Surgical Technicians

Grady native Towania Peterson has always enjoyed helping people and knew she wanted to pursue a career in health care. She started off as a certified nurse assistant and later continued on as a phlebotomist, before eventually deciding to go back to school to become a surgical technologist.