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The Next Generation of Leaders in Arkansas

Meet 11 young Arkansans who made it big and are making a lasting impact!

THE NEXT LEVEL: What Will You Do After High School?

You’ve got questions to answer and decisions to make. Real Arkansas college students are here to help!

Be Professional: The Steps to Take to Land the Job

Pro tips for drafting an awesome resume and cover letter (and what you need to know to ace your interview!)

Ready, Set, Apply!

A step-by-step guide through the college admissions process

Finding Financial Aid

What it is, where to find it and how to get it!

Countdown to College: The Ultimate High School To-Do List

Let the countdown to college begin—use this comprehensive checklist from eighth grade to high school graduation.

Go Fund Me: 7 Arkansas Scholarships to Apply For

There are organizations, businesses and schools out there ready to support you and help pay for your education.

QUIZ: How Much Money Do You Need for Your Dream Life?

Wondering about how much money you’ll need to make in your future career to live the life you want? This game can help you figure that out and offer some possible career paths based on your lifestyle preferences.