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Find YOUR Perfect Scholarship Match

There’s money out there just for you — all you have to do is look!

Jobs In Demand: Choose Your Career

If you’re still on the fence about which path to take after graduation, maybe thinking about the jobs you’d like will help!

Flying High

Aerospace is one of Arkansas’ most profitable industries and one of the state’s leading exports. And that means an abundance of jobs!

Embracing The Technical Professions

Check out how you can benefit from local companies and colleges promoting the tactile intelligence jobs that Arkansas so desperately needs filled

Scholarship Alerts from Industry Pros

Several Arkansas companies and programs award scholarships to high school students to continue their training in the technical professions.

Hot New Programs & Degrees in Arkansas

While you’re planning your next step after high school, be sure to keep these exciting programs in mind.

Go Green

In the world of industrial America (and industrial Arkansas), there’s ample room for sustainable improvements. Daimler Trucks North America, Entergy Arkansas and Tyson Foods are all making revolutionary strides toward sustainability in their fields.

Why You Should Consider A Technical Profession

Here are six big reasons why choosing a profession in a technical industry could pay off big rewards.