Top 10 Smartphone Apps for High School, College

By Samuel G. Smith on Monday, September 10, 2012

While it’s generally not a good idea to have your phone out in class, there are lots of ways to use it to your advantage when the school day is over. Check out these super useful smartphone apps just for you, students!

Apps for High School
Juggling college and financial aid applications, scholarship essays and ACT flashcards all while trying to finish high school is tough, we know, but these mobile apps will lighten your load and guide you along to graduation.

1. YOUniversal for iPhone & Android
Cost: FREE
Why it’s useful:  If you’re not sure what state and federal financial aid you qualify for, find out with this app from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Just answer the questionnaire and discover what’s available and how to apply, all in one place. Plus, you can check the status of any aid you’ve already applied for.
Also try: The Web version of the app.

2. ACTStudent for iPhone
Cost: FREE
Why it’s useful: Download the official ACT app to access your registration information and ACT test scores, as well as take advantage of free practice questions that will help you strengthen your English skills, work your math muscles and ensure you’ll do your very best on the exam.
Also try: ACT Flashcards (free) for Android

3. SAT Question of the Day for iPhone
Cost: FREE
Why it’s useful: There’s no need to cram for hours to prepare for college entrance exams anymore. Download the official College Board SAT prep app and enjoy a free question every day from different exam categories. Day by day, it’ll get you ready for the big test.
Also try: SAT Vocabulary (free) and SAT Daily ($0.99) for Android

4. Peterson’s College Guide for iPhone
Cost: FREE
Why it’s useful: Choosing a college can be hard, and finding info about each in different places can make the process even harder. Enjoy easy-to-access to information about colleges, like enrollment statistics, athletics and tuition, and pull up a map of the colleges that are nearest to you, all with this handy app.
Also try: ACT College Search (free) for iPhone

5.  Grades 2 for iPhone
Cost: FREE
Why it’s useful: Want to know what you need to score on your next test to get an A in the class? There’s an app for that! Not only does Grades 2 tell you what you need to score on assignments and exams to get your target grade in a class, but it also calculates your GPA and determines what you need to make in each class to maintain a certain overall GPA.
Also try: GPA Calculator ($0.99) of Android

Apps for College
Picture it. You’ve graduated from high school and gotten into your dream college. But now you’re worried about studying for exams and keeping up with coursework. Don’t sweat it! These apps will help you stay on top of it all.

1. University apps
Cost: FREE
Why they’re useful: Did you know that a few Arkansas colleges have their own apps? And it’s likely that other schools in our state will soon have one too. The handy apps give you access to school news, videos, sports info, library resources and GPS-enabled campus maps.
Try: University of Arkansas or University of Central Arkansas apps for iPhone, or Arkansas State University’s iASTATE app for iPhone and Android

2. WolframAlpha for iPhone & Android
Cost: $1.99 for iPhone; $3.99 for Android
Why it’s useful: Whether you need to find the next solar eclipse, translate a phrase into another language or solve a difficult physics problem, this app’s got you covered. Get a wide array of data quickly using this powerful search engine. It may be a few bucks, but you’re sure to find use for it through college and beyond.
Also try: Wikipedia (free) for iPhone & Android

3. Evernote for iPhone & Android
Cost: FREE
Why it’s useful: It can be hard to remember assignment due dates, important lecture facts, your bike lock combination and more on a daily basis. Use this app to create text, audio and picture notes on your smartphone or on And because your notes are safe on the app’s server, you won’t lose important information if something ever happens to your phone.
Also try: iStudiez Pro ($0.99) for iPhone

4. Flashcardlet for iPhone
Cost: FREE
Why it’s useful: You’ve probably used 3x5 flash cards to prepare for a big test. The digital kind work just as well and add the convenience of being able to study anywhere. With lots of options to help you do your best, including automatic card hiding once you’ve answered correctly, a flash card app is the perfect companion for those Intro Biology study sessions.
Also try: StudyDroid (free) for Android

5. for iPhone & Android
Cost: FREE
Why it’s useful: Between keeping up with school and your social life, keeping track of your money – and making sure you stay on budget – can be a challenge. Mint's free service links to all of your banks accounts and gives you an analysis of your spending trends and alerts on low balances – all in one convenient (and secure) place.
Also try: iSpending (free) for iPhone

“ is my best friend. You can link your bank accounts, credit accounts, student loan accounts, etc. It analyzes everything and gives you in-depth information about your finances. You can check all of your balances at a glance and it gives a really clear picture of how much you are spending and most importantly what you are spending it on.  … It’s like having your own personal accountant.”
– Sinovia Mayfield, University of Arkansas at Little Rock