Why Go to College? You'll Make 64 Percent More Money, For One

By Samuel G. Smith on Monday, July 2, 2012

We all know education beyond high school is vital to your future. Take a look at these recent findings from the U.S. Treasury to see just how important it really is:

  • The average weekly earnings for a full-time bachelor’s degree holder in 2011 was 64 percent higher than those for a high school graduate ($1,053 compared to $638).
  • Today's earnings gap between high school graduates and those with bachelor's degrees is the highest it has been since 1915, the earliest year for which there are estimates of the college wage gap.
  • Without a degree, children born to parents with the lowest income have a 45 percent chance of remaining there as adults. With a degree, they have less than a 20 percent chance.

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Source: treasury.gov