Decorating Your Dorm: Set Up a Graduation Gift, College Dorm Room Registry

By Andrea Woroch on Monday, May 14, 2012

Online registries aren't just for newlyweds anymore.

According to a recent article in USA Today, high school grads are turning to online registries as a way to streamline gift giving from well wishers. Though cold-hard cash is still a highly desirable gift, online registries give students the opportunity to request items they really need so guests can give a more meaningful gift. The below registries are a great place to direct those folks who are wanting to send you a graduation gift, and for parents and relatives pithcing in for your decked-out dorm room.

1. DormCo - Once the euphoria of high school graduation simmers, the reality of college living sets in and every student needs the right supplies. DormCo offers well wishers an opportunity to purchase dorm-room necessities to help the new student feel comfortable in her noisy abode.

2. CardAvenue - Giving cash is all well and good, but who's to say it'll be spent wisely? By creating a gift registry with CardAvenue, your grad can register for gift cards to restaurants, supermarkets, department stores and even gas stations to better tailor their cash requests to actual needs. The service is free for both registrants and guests.

3. MyRegistry - MyRegistry is a universal gift registry that allows users to request items from any store in the world and collects their selections into one convenient registry. There's no cost associated with establishing a registry, though the option to register for cash does come with a few fees.

4. JustGive - For the budding philanthropist, offers gift givers an opportunity to contribute tax-deductible funds to a charity or charities of the registrant's choice. This is a heartwarming alternative to cash and gifts, however it does come with transaction fees.

5. Store Registries - In addition to the plethora of online options, some students will go the old-fashioned route and simply register for desired gifts from department stores. Places like Target, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond are practical choices that offer many useful items to help the new grad prepare for the future.

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