5 Key Campus Destinations

By Lindsay Irvin on Monday, September 19, 2011

Breaking free of parents' house rules is exciting, but once you hit campus you might be a little overwhelmed by the size of your new home. There are often so many buildings, many of which look a like, so it's important to identify the most important ones first. The following campus destinations are some that you locate as soon as possible - some for your safety, some for your convenience, and some for your academic survival.

  • 24-hour computer lab: It’s where you go when yours crashes at any hour, or when you need to print something.
  • Health center: There’s no way you can avoid getting sick for four years. Know where it is for quick – oftentimes free – medical care.
  • Career center: Counselors will guide you along your degree plan path—and can even help you get certain internships and jobs!
  • Gym/track/sports fields: These are great places to make friends, learn new sports and stay in shape over the next four years.
  • Emergency call boxes: Locate these along your path to and from late-night study sessions at the library across campus. If someone starts to harass or follow you, these will sound an alarm and send campus security to your rescue.