Cool Careers in Money: Meet Financial Advisor Spencer Bratcher

By Arkansas Next on Friday, April 5, 2024


Spencer Bratcher wanted a career that would challenge and allow him to be the driver of his success. He’s always been interested in the world of investments, and after being mentored by a professor with experience in financial advising, Spencer’s path seemed clear. Once he graduated from Arkansas Tech University, he returned home to Northwest Arkansas and secured his job with Signature Bank of Arkansas.

“I get to pave my own path,” Spencer said. “There isn’t a set-in-stone corporate ladder for me to climb. The more I produce, the better I do, and vice versa…the possibilities are endless for financial advisors, if you’re willing to be patient, honest and work hard. Plus, I get to make a positive impact in people’s lives if I do my job right.”

Spencer prepared by double majoring in Economics & Finance and Marketing & Management at ATU. After graduation, he took a few months off to study for his broker license and secure his Series 7. He’s earned a total of 66 different licenses to master his craft.

“There is always going to be a need for financial experts, and you can’t go wrong with choosing a career path in the financial industry... Every single organization you can think of, whether it’s a corporation, nonprofit, school system or government agency, [they] all need financial products and services.”

Spencer’s favorite part of his job is building relationships with clients. 

“People think I sit behind a screen and pick stocks all day long. There’s some of that, but at its core, my career is about people, not numbers. The more successful you are at building relationships and getting to know [people] on a personal level, the more successful you’ll be. It isn’t just about returns and percentages.”

What to expect on payday:

$78K—$146K per year - Average base salary range across all experience levels in Arkansas**

Financial advisors earn 78% more than the average base salary in Arkansas.*

► Bonuses - Additional pay averages $37,320 per year for financial advisors in Arkansas.**

Sources: *,** 

“People think I sit behind a screen and pick stocks all day LONG. There’s some of that, but at its core, my career is about people, not numbers.”- Spencer Bratcher

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Business Management
  • Financial Planner
  • Accountant or CPA
  • Broker
  • Wealth Manager
  • you make friends easily.
  • you're a good listener.
  • people trust you with secrets.
  • you're curious and always learning.
  • you're good with numbers (and responsible with money).