Disability Resources in Arkansas

By Arkansas Next on Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Many Arkansans have a learning difference, disability or special need, and there is an abundance of resources to support them along their education and career journeys.

Arkansas Division of Developmental Disabilities offers 24-hour residential programs and resources to help those with disabilities find employment. DDS offers Medicaid and federally-funded grant programs which include screenings, therapy and care plans for small children, behavior analysis for those with autism, and more.

United Cerebral Palsy of Arkansas is on a mission to advance independence and community involvement for Arkansans with disabilities. UCP serves over 500 disabled Arkansans and their families with essential programs and support services. Not only does UCP offer services for residents with cerebral palsy, but also to Arkansans with any physical disabilities.

Arkansas Disability Coalition is a statewide organization created to help those with all types of
disabilities by offering health care, information, resources and training to provide equal participation in any aspect of life. The coalition connects families with health care professionals, service providers, lawmakers and the community they live in. 

Disability Rights Arkansas is an organization that advocates for those with disabilities in the State of Arkansas and offers legal and civil education. The organization is federally funded and has protection and advocacy systems throughout the state of Arkansas. Services include referrals and information, short-term assistance, legal representation
and more.

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services offers 19 field offices across all 75 counties in the state of Arkansas. ARS’ goal is to prepare Arkansans with disabilities to enter the workforce successfully and lead independent lives. Assistance and accessibility training is necessary through the program to help Arkansans with disabilities successfully enter
the workforce.

Central Arkansas Disability Services is a program offered to empower Arkansans with disabilities through person-centered services focusing on community and employment. The organization's goal is to support inclusion in local communities and service everyone.

EMPOWER with the University of Arkansas stands for Education, Motivate, Prepare, Opportunity, Workplace readiness, Employment and Responsibility. EMPOWER is a four-year college experience program for students with cognitive disabilities. Although it is a non-degree, the program includes educational courses on academics, independent living, employment, social skills and health and wellness skills.

College Bound Arkansas with the University of Central Arkansas is for students with disabilities to better transition to college life. The goal of the program is to show students how exciting college life can be, while having assistive technologies, teaching leadership skills, sharing special accommodations and more.