The Future is Female: Women in Male-Dominated Trades

By Arkansas Next on Friday, October 13, 2023

While most skilled trades have been male-dominated for decades, times are changing. Women are finally flocking to fields typically stereotyped as “man’s work,” and for good reason!

Wages are rising. Jobs are accessible without student loan debt. Demand for workers means great job security. Not to mention, there are so many ladder rungs to climb. It’s high time Arkansas women snagged these amazing jobs and flex their girl power.

Get Connected!

 Arkansas Women in Power is a group dedicated to recruiting, maintaining and promoting women in Arkansas' energy industry.

 The National Association for Women in Construction has two chapters in Arkansas.

 President of the National Women in Agriculture and Little Rock native Kesha Cobbs started an Arkansas chapter of Women in Agriculture for farmers across the Natural State. Cobbs is also the founder of the Black Women in Agriculture organization.

Women in the Skilled Trades Across the U.S.

 2% of plumbers are women

 3% of electricians are women

 11% of construction laborers are women

Construction is one of the few fields where the gender pay gap is narrowest. women make 96% of what men make (the national average is 83%).*

 29% of manufacturing employees are women

 36% of farmers are women

Black women represent less than 1% of farmers in Arkansas. Let's raise that number!

*The National Association of Women in Construction
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