BANK ON IT: Weston McDaniel, Lender

By Madeline Martin on Friday, March 31, 2023

Name: Weston McDaniel  |  Age: 27  |  Hometown: Jonesboro  |  College: Arkansas State University  |  Degrees: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance; Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA)  |  Job Title: Vice President, Lending Division |  Employer: First National Bank

Why did you choose a career in this field?

I chose this career because it is a combination of several things I am passionate about—business, real estate and relationships.

How did getting your master's degree prepare you for this role?

By instilling the practices I use each day, which are communication and the ability to [think critically] through certain situations. 

What natural abilities should someone have to succeed in this field?

I believe in being outgoing and trustworthy, because there are always new events to attend and new customers to meet. I have always heard that people enjoy banking with people that they like and trust. These two characteristics are ways to ensure that they will become lifelong customers.

Why do you think students should consider a career like yours?

It's something new every day. It’s a new project a customer brings, a new building to build or potential new relationship to expand on each day. It gives you satisfaction being able to help people achieve their dream by being the bank they lean on for assistance. It's exciting to be a part of projects that benefit the whole community and make the place you live better.

What is a common misconception about your job?

That it is boring and repetitive. It's quite the opposite. I enjoy seeing potential new projects and customers each day to help expand relationships and ensure that the customers reach their goals financially.

How do you feel about this statement: “I can’t work in a financial role because I’m not good at (or hate) math”?

I don’t believe it's an accurate statement. If you can apply it in terms that you understand or are interested in, then it's easy to learn a financial role. Learning real-world application is much easier than learning in textbooks at school.