Get Promoted, Fast!

By Madeline Martin on Thursday, September 15, 2022

The skilled trade industry is booming and not slowing down anytime soon. Companies are on the lookout for educated employees who can get the job done. This demand means lots of chances to get your foot in the door and start your career. But what happens next? As you gain experience in your trade, you become even more valuable to your company and others — and this means promotions, raises and climbing the ladder! It’s true. The trades provide ample opportunities for growth and a lasting, stable career. Check out what these pros have to say about their field’s opportunities and what it takes to move on up:

Zack FarrZack Farr
Foreman, Weaver-Bailey Contractors

Age: 23  | Hometown: Mayflower

Zack started his career at Weaver-Bailey fresh out of high school. He completed on-the-job training and OSHA certification through the company. Over the course of six years, he has worked his way up to dirt crew foreman. Zack plans to continue learning and growing, and he encourages others to do the same.

Q: How can young pros rise through the ranks?
“Dedication and hard work goes a long way. Anyone that has the want to learn, as well as to better themselves, has a place in this trade.”

Q: How did you climb the ladder?
“I [started] as a laborer, paying attention to details as well as how the company worked and operated. I then made it to the operator position after a short time and spent most of my time learning how to operate heavy equipment. As I started to take charge and step up to help progress jobs efficiently, I landed myself into the foreman position, where I am now.”

Q: Are there more opportunities like yours?
“There are so many trades that are looking for hard-working, [reliable] young people that want to better themselves. If you have ever thought about going into a trade like construction, find a company that is willing to invest in you. Don’t be fooled by needing a college education.”

Zack FarrDaniel Byars
Assistant Superintendent, Kinco Constructors

Age: 22 | Hometown: Fayetteville

Only four years into his career, Daniel has risen to an assistant superintendent position and learned valuable skills along the way. Some of his daily responsibilities include coordinating subcontractors, ensuring a safe work environment, keeping track of progress on each job and performing equipment inspections. 

Q: How did you climb the ladder?
“In my four-year career at Kinco, I have grown all the way from a general laborer to an assistant superintendent. I was able to do this by taking advantage of every situation and opportunity that was presented to me.”

Q: Are there more opportunities like yours?
“If you're considering a job in the trades, the best advice I could give you is to make sure you are in the trade you really want to be in and do your research prior to investing your time, effort and money. There are numerous trades and companies that you can pursue with different experiences.”

Q: How can young pros rise through the ranks?
“There is not a school or class requirement. It is controlled by you and your goals. There [are] optional courses that you can elect to take or may be asked to attend to improve your knowledge. While these courses are optional, they are a great benefit. In addition to these..., the best way to gain knowledge is through a mentor.”

Tips from farther up the ladder:

"If you're willing to work hard and assert yourself while obtaining an education in your trade, you can secure a fulfilling career that you can be proud of."

-Jake Wilson, Working Leadman at Koontz Electric


You have to start somewhere, sometimes at the bottom. Make the most of each job experience — soak up as much knowledge as you can.

Work hard. Your bosses will notice, and you’ll gain recognition for it.

Keep learning. Don’t stop after your initial training is complete. Upskill, learn more about your trade through your co-workers and get new certifications.  

Just ask! No matter the job, one thing young employees often forget to do is volunteer for more responsibility and experience at their companies. Simply asking your manager(s) if you can help with things outside your normal job description is one of the fastest ways to get recognized, to get raises and to rise in the ranks!