Cool Jobs on Campus

By Arkansas NEXT on Monday, October 25, 2021


Here are six fun ways to get paid and offset your higher ed costs.


The student newspaper is a great way to be a part of the community on campus. Not only will you be able to creatively collaborate with like-minded students, but you will also get to explore your campus as you cover events and organizations that you might not have known about otherwise. Learn how to work on a professional team as you construct your online content and print editions. At the end, you'll have an industry-ready resume for entering the working world after graduation!

Average pay: Most papers pay per story, but staff positions might come with an hourly wage.

Additional perks: Having published work can earn you internships, scholarships and awards!


Gunnar Rathbun
Kevin Snyder was front and center for every Arkansas Razorback game. His on-campus experience earned him an internship taking photos of the Kansas City Royals.

Every paper needs photographers, and every photographer needs the credibility of being published somewhere other than Instagram. Some students even take photos for the sports section or athletic departments of their schools and not only get to watch the games from the field but hang out with the players!

Average pay: Most papers pay per photo. Contracts with athletic departments could earn you more.

Additional perks: Networking with the athletic department’s marketing team can lead to fantastic references for future jobs and internships.


Most resident assistants (RA) get to save on campus-living expenses because they work for the dorms! You could have flexible hours, with plenty of time to study and work on class projects while you watch the front desk. Establish lifelong friendships with your neighbors and be a part of the community in your dorm. The emergency training you can learn as an RA will be useful for any emergency situation you come across throughout your entire life!

Average pay: $16/hour

Additional perks: The cost of room and board is often waived for RAs.

Child Care Aide

Child care aides assist in the day care area of your school and help in the kitchen, classroom and administrative offices when necessary. Mold the minds of children by providing positive guidance, redirecting unsafe activities to be more productive, listening and playing with children. If you want to go into the world of education, start small at your campus day care.

Average pay: $11/hour

Additional perks: These jobs can often be offered as work study positions that help pay for tuition, without affecting your ability to receive further financial aid.

Graphic Designer

Are you an art student? This position assists with marketing and design projects, such as social media graphics, email marketing, etc. for campus and philanthropic endeavors. Students pursuing a career in marketing, design, communications, journalism or alumni relations would thrive in this position and get practical experience for a professional resume!

Average pay: $14/hour

Additional perks: Your university is a major brand! Build your professional portfolio by creating art that will be shared in their marketing.

Academic Tutor/Assistant

Academic tutors provide instructional support to students in specific academic areas and help students develop successful study skills. While this job usually goes for grad students, it is still good to know that there is an option to practice educating college-age students and help further their careers by helping them pass their classes. Tutors sometimes help professors facilitate their courses.

Average pay: $13/hour

Additional perks: These jobs can often be offered as work study positions that help pay for tuition without affecting your ability to receive further financial aid.

A college campus is much like a small town, and every student has a part to play in helping the town run. Whatever your interests are, you can find an on-campus job that fits your interest. Ask your academic adviser where those jobs might be hiding.