QUIZ: Which Health Care Profession is Right for You?

By Arkansas NEXT on Friday, September 25, 2020

Are you a natural caretaker? Does blood scare you? There are many different facets of the health care industry. Find out with this quiz which one may be the one for you.

1. Your favorite part of the school day is...

Learning new, exciting things in class and how you can apply it to life outside of school.
Having some one-on-one time with your BFF.
Planning out what you need to do for the day and checking off all the boxes.
Playing video games with your friends after school.
Hanging out with your friends after class.

2. When a friend falls down and scrapes their knee, you will...

Google it and grab some Advil.
Take care of it yourself by grabbing a Band-Aid and some Neosporin.
Go get help.
Calm them down from crying.
Inspect the scrape.

3. When working on a group project, you’ll be seen...

Breaking the ice so the group can be more comfortable.
Doing the bulk of the work.
Delegating the different aspects of the project out to people.
Making sure the project is turned in on time and no one is slacking off.
As the one with big ideas for the project.

4. How long do you plan on staying in school...

I don’t mind staying in school for five to seven years, but no longer than that.
I want the four-year college experience with a two-year master’s program at the most.
I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree while volunteering at hospitals for credit and be guaranteed a job after college.
I want to go to college for two to four years and graduate with a license.
I don’t mind staying in school for seven-plus years, including internships and residency, if it means I can get my dream job.

5. Let’s say you decide to pursue health care, what would your dream job include…

Saving lives.
Performing tests and analyses in a lab setting.
Getting down to the root of who people are.
Providing medical advice to patients to better their daily lives.
Talking with and taking care of people every day.



You're a natural caretaker. You make everyone around you feel comfortable and you get any job done with a smile on your face. You enjoy volunteering and serving others and are driven to succeed (those volunteer hours look good on college resumes). Consider the many different jobs within the nursing field — from RNs and nurse practitioner to home health care aides and nursing assistants.

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10–13 POINTS

Nothing scares you — not even the sight of blood! You love to dig into why things work the way they do, and you’re a critical thinker. Your curious nature and penchant for technology will soon pay off. Consider medical research professions like chemical technicians, lab techs or biological scientists.

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14–17 POINTS

You are the most organized person you know. You take charge and are super confident in your decision-making skills. Your friends trust your advice. You live or long to live a relatively healthy lifestyle. Consider a career in nutrition or pharmacy.

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18–21 POINTS

You love making people feel good. You’re naturally empathetic. You have a keen interest in how the brain works. Psychology might just be a field for you. Consider a job in mental health — maybe with a focus on substance abuse or marriage and family.

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22–25 POINTS

You want to go the distance. Staying in school for many more years doesn’t scare you because you’ll do whatever it takes to get the job of your dreams. You excel in your science classes and think it would be amazing to help heal people and save lives. You’re destined to be a doctor—choose from specialties like surgery, osteopathic medicine, pediatrics, optometry, chiropractic care, dentistry and beyond.

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