MEET THE PRO: Brantley Jarrell, Substation & Transmission Technician

By Arkansas NEXT on Friday, September 25, 2020

Brantley Jarrell

Hometown: Arkadelphia
Age: 25
Where I trained: Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation
What I earned: Certificate of proficiency in Industrial Maintenance
Job title: Substation and Transmission Technician
Employer: Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation in Little Rock

After high school, Brantley Jarrell joined the workforce as an electrician’s apprentice. With his heart set on a job in the electric utility field, he applied for every entry-level position that became available at Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation, working hard in the interim to make himself as competitive of a candidate as possible. Starting as a technician helper, Brantley has worked his way up to a substation and transmission tech.

Brantley says he likes that his job feels more like a mission. “I am a part of a team that is much bigger than just me,” he says. “Every day, we do our best to provide reliable power to the communities that we all come from, and every day is different. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing the lights come back on after a long outage and knowing that you were part of the effort to get it back on.”

What does a substation and transmission technician do?

Substation technicians work primarily with electric substations, which send electrical energy into nearby homes. They’re also responsible for routine maintenance and updates of substations, as well as emergency repairs when necessary. Some substation technicians travel to stations many miles apart, and they work primarily outdoors in various locations depending on the employer


Prepare cost estimates for clients

Refer to service guides, schematics and manufacturer specifications

Repair or replace defective parts, such as motors, fuses or gaskets

Reassemble and test equipment after repairs

Maintain records of parts used, labor time, and final charges

Education Needed

As little as a high school diploma or equivalent, but for growth in the field, an apprenticeship, certificate and/or an associate degree is ideal

Job Outlook

expected growth from 2016 to 2026 in the U.S.

average annual job openings in Arkansas

jobs in Arkansas by 2026

 High-end earners in Arkansas (top 10%) make 
$106,610 Annually
 Median wages in Arkansas 
$82,780 Annually
$39.80 Hourly

This option is for you if:

You think working at a desk all day sounds miserable.
You're strong. (Workers may need to lift heavy parts during repairs.)
You take the safety of yourself and others seriously.
You like to take the lead and solve problems.


Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation


Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation

LINEMAN (Related Field)

Linemen deal with electrical lines, telecommunications lines (cable, internet and phone) and distribution lines — whether in utility poles or underground systems. They often work with high-voltage electrical lines, so linemen must master many safety protocols.


Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation
Arkansas Northeastern College
Arkansas State University - Newport


Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation

"I get to be hands-on, outside, doing the actual work. I have a lot of friends that went to college who must sit at a desk all day. I am thankful I get to be active and travel all over the state to do work that I love." –Brantley

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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