What Major Fits Your Personality the Best? (There's a Quiz for That)

By Arkansas Next staff on Monday, October 15, 2018

Choosing the right major can be a bit of a mystery, but there are amazing tools out there to help you find your perfect fit.

ACT’s World of Work Map is a handy tool. It breaks down the job world into four categories: working with people, working with data, working with things and working with ideas. Where does the map lead you? Are you a people person? Do you like working with your hands? Are you great with numbers? Explore the map to see what fields might fit you best!


Take These Quizzes
Fun online tests to help you find the perfect major

ACT Profile
If you have an ACT account, you can access ACT Profile. Take three short quizzes to measure your interests, abilities and values, and the results will match you with potential careers and majors. The profile allows you to keep track of which careers and majors interest you the most.

Goshen College Quiz: What should I major in?
This quiz is especially cool for visual learners because a graphic shows you how each of your answers impacts which subjects are right for you. At the end, the quiz gives you a list of your top five compatible majors.

The Saint Louis University College Majors Quiz
When you take this quiz, you decide what you would rather do in different scenarios. At the end, you receive a list of potential majors to explore.

Washington Career Bridge Career Quiz
This quiz asks you to choose activities you enjoy and qualities that describe you, and the results list corresponding career clusters. You can click on each cluster to learn more about the individual jobs.

Answer 20 questions about what sort of activities you might enjoy doing. It will then compare your interests with nearly 1,000 job profiles to find the one that most closely matches your personality.

16 Personalities
This popular personality test has been taken more than 100 million times! Its descriptions of who you are and why you do things the way you do are considered crazy accurate. With fun characters and explanations, it will explain the kind of worker you are and how best to use your personality in the workplace.

The Job Outlook Career Quiz
This fun quiz asks you to choose from a wide variety of job-related tasks. The quiz measures your natural inclination in the creative, analytical, and practical areas and more, and the results reveal careers best suited for you.