WHAT'S NEXT: Miolin Cummins on Military Service

By Jessie Smith on Monday, October 15, 2018

Miolin Cummins, The United States Marine Corps
Branch: Marine Corps
Pursuing career as: Combat Correspondent
Future college plans: University of the Ozarks, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communications
Hometown: Little Rock | Age: 18

After he graduated high school in 2017, Miolin went straight to the University of the Ozarks to study communications. One year into his degree, he realized he wouldn’t be able to pay for the full four years without help, so he enlisted in the Marine Corps. Miolin’s father was in the Army, so he knew how the military could offer educational benefits.

Miolin originally chose infantry as his job in the Marines, but he would eventually like to switch to communications where he could become a combat correspondent, the military equivalent to a war journalist.

Once he completes his service, Miolin wants to finish his degree at the University of the Ozarks. Afterward, he would like to either become a sports analyst or re-enlist in the Marines.

For high school students, Miolin offers this advice: “Make sure that you’re staying out of trouble, you’re getting your work done, and if you are considering the Marines, make sure you’re getting in shape.”

"Since I have three little brothers at home, I want to show them the best way possible."


You can see the world! With bases all over the globe, the military sends recruits to countries they might have never visited otherwise. The opportunity to travel is an enticing bonus.


• You want to serve your country
• You’re an adventure seeker
• You like the idea of FREE college

What You Should Know

Length of Program
Every branch of the military is different. Several Arkansas colleges offer Army and Air Force ROTC classes that can be built into your degree plan. If you enlist first, you can take online college classes, earn college credit through training programs or finish your degree after your service. The length of job training depends on the branch and the job.

Army ROTC programs can pay for tuition in exchange for service as an officer when you finish your degree. The Post-9/11 GI Bill guarantees educational benefits for veterans.

Admission Requirements
To enlist in the military, every branch has different standards. You can expect physical requirements and a minimum ASVAB test score, but to sign up for ROTC classes, you must meet physical and academic standards.

For ROTC programs, you can expect standard housing options or dorms reserved for ROTC students. If you enlist, you often receive a housing stipend.

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