The Truth from the Top: Dr. Maria Markham

By Arkansas NEXT on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Your go-to advice for students?
Go to college, somewhere! Do something! Be somebody! Decide what you want your adult life to look like and make it happen.

Why is higher education so important?
It’s so important to learn skills that are needed for the workforce.

College helps students reach their potential in multiple ways — as informed citizens, as skilled professionals, as creative and critical thinkers, and as well-rounded adults.

College can be anything from a certificate to a bachelor’s degree to a doctorate.

Do students need a four-year degree to get a great job?
No. Plenty of good jobs are available for students who complete a technical program­­ — such as an electrical apprenticeship, a computer coding certificate or an RN license.

The path to a good job can take many turns.

Why is Arkansas a good place to get a degree or certificate?
Arkansas has shown great innovation in providing students improved ways of learning.

From traditional brick and mortar classrooms to online classes and conferencing, our colleges and universities embrace, cultivate and support continuous learning in an effective way.

What do you love most about your job?
My favorite thing to do is help a student solve a problem.

I like to analyze a difficult situation, whether it is financial or academic, and connect the student with the resources to overcome the problem.

I don’t have many opportunities to see individual students in my current job, but I do get to help big groups of students by developing policies that address problems they encounter.

Dr. Markham is a graduate of Arkansas’ own Dierks High School and Henderson State University, where she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration.