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THE NEXT LEVEL: What Will You Do After High School?

You’ve got questions to answer and decisions to make. Real Arkansas college students are here to help!

Countdown to College: The Ultimate High School To-Do List

Let the countdown to college begin—use this comprehensive checklist from eighth grade to high school graduation.

I Want To Be A… Teacher

Grant Harbison is director of bands at Jonesboro Public Schools.

I Want To Be A… Police Officer

Molly May Stockman is a police officer at the North Little Rock Police Department.

I Want To Be A… Firefighter

Christopher Walker is a fire apparatus engineer at Little Rock Fire Department Station 7.

I Want To Be A… Chef

Paige Russell is a pastry chef at Fidel & Co. Coffee Roasters in Little Rock.

I Want To Be A… Veterinarian

Marlow Ball is the veterinarian and owner at SoMa Animal Clinic in Little Rock.

I Want To Be An… Artist

Lisa Krannichfeld is an artist.