Northwest Technical Institute

Degree Programs

2-D Mechanical CAD Drafting

A+ Computer Tech Certification


Accounting Technology

Administrative Office Specialist

Advanced Agricultural Mechatronics

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Advanced Pipe Welding

Advanced Service Diagnostics

Aerospace Cabinetry

Aerospace Composites

Aerospace Technology

Aerospace Upholstery


Agricultural Mechanics & Equipment Technology

Agricultural Mechatronics


Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Aircraft General

Allied Health

Allied Health Testing Center

Alternative Fuels

Ammonia Refrigeration Maintenance

Applied Programming

Auto Body Repair

Auto Maintenance-Basic

Automobile Upholstery

Automotive Diagnostics

Automotive Drivability Specialist

Automotive Drive Train Specialist

Automotive Repair & Troubleshooting (Basic)

Automotive Systems Repair

Automotive Technology (or Automotive Service Technology, or Automotive Service)

Automotive Undercar Specialist

Aviation Instrument Rating

Aviation Maintenance

Aviation Management

Baking Arts


Bank Teller

Banking & Finance

Basic Business Principles

Behavioral Health Technician

Biomedical Informatics

Building Maintenance

Building Performance Analyst


Business Analytics

Business Computer Applications

Business Department

Business Management

Business Operations

Business Support Services

Business Systems Networking: Cisco



Cake Decorating


Child Advocacy Studies Training

Child Development (or Child Development Associate)

Cinematic Studies

Cisco Networking (or CIS/Networking, or Cisco Network Associate)

Clerical Assistant (or Clerical Support)

Climate Control/Manual Drive Trains Technology

CNC Machining & Fabrication

CNC Operations & Programming

Collision Repair

Commercial Truck Driving (or Commercial Driver Training)

Community Corrections

Community Leadership

Computer & Networking Fundamentals

Computer Art & Design

Computer Engineering

Computer Fundamental

Computer Graphics (or Computer Graphic Technology)

Computer Information Systems (or Computer Information Technology)

Computer Installation & Repair

Computer Maintenance

Computer Programming

Computer Repair (or Computer Service Technician)

Computer Repair & Networking

Computer Support Associate

Computer Systems Technology

Computer-Aided Design

Computer-Assisted Drafting & Design-Architecture

Computer-Assisted Drafting & Design-Engineering

Computer-Assisted Drafting & Design-Manufacturing

Computerized Machining Technology

Construction Equipment Operation

Construction Technology

Construction Welding

Correctional Law Enforcement

Corrections & Criminal Justice


Cosmetology Instructor

Crime Prevention & Corrections

Crime Scene Investigation

Criminal Correction Specialist

Criminal Investigation Science

Criminal Justice

Culinary Arts


Damage Analysis & Estimation

Defense/Aerospace Technology

Dental Assisting

Diesel & Truck Technology

Diesel Technology

Dietary Management

Digital Media

Dispatcher Telecommunications

Drafting & Design


Early Childhood Education (or Early Childhood Development)

Early Childhood Paraprofessional Technology

Electrical Apprenticeship

Electrical/Electronic Systems Troubleshooting

Electrical for HVAC

Electrical Maintenance Technology

Electricians Service & Maintenance

Electronic Health Record Management

Electronic Systems Technician (EST)

Electronics Technology

Emergency Medical Technician (or Paramedia, or Emergency Medical Technology or Emergency Medical Technical-Basic, or EMT)

Engine Machinist

Engineering Technology

English as a Second Language

Entrepreneurship for Artisans

Environmental Health & Safety Technology

Environmental Management & Regulatory Science

Environmental Management-GIS Technician

EPA Certification

Facilities Management (or Facilities Maintenance)

Family Development

Family Financial Planning

Film & Video Production

Fire & Emergency Response

Flux-Core Welding Technology

Food Preparation-Basic

Food Purchasing

Food Service Management

Forensic Science


Funeral Science

Gas Engine Repair & Brake Technology

General Aviation

General Aviation Maintenance I

General Aviation Maintenance II

General Aviation Maintenance Technology

General Industrial Technology

General Studies

Geospatial Technologies

Graphic Communications

Graphic Design

Hair Care (or Hair Design-Beginning)

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Management

Health Informatics

Health Information Billing & Coding

Health Sciences

Healthcare Office Skills

Heating Technology

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (or HVAC or HVAC/R Fundamentals)

Heavy Truck Diesel Maintenance

Homeland Security& Emergency Management (or Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness)


Hospitality Management (or Hospitality Administration, or Hospitality & Tourism, or Hospitality, or Hospitality Skills, or Hospitality Services)

Household Upholstery


Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Electrical Systems (or Industrial Electronics)

Industrial Equipment Maintenance (or Industrial Equipment Repair)

Industrial Maintenance Technology

Industrial Motors & Controls

Industrial Robotics

Industrial Technology

Industrial Technology-Mechanical

Industrial Technology-Mechatronics

Information Communication Technology

Information Science Technology

Information Systems

Installation Technology

Internet Technology-Web Page Design

Jail Standards


Justice Studies

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Administration

Lean Technology

Licensures-for 5th & 6th Grade, 7th-12th grade, P-4, 8th Grade Algebra & Special Education (4-12, P-4)




Machine Technology (or Machine Tool Technology)

Machine Technology: Machinist II

Machinist Operations

Maintaining & Managing Personal Computers

Major Appliances


Manicure Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Principles

Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Welding

Materials & Operations Management

Mechanical Devices


Mechatronics-Electrical Level I

Mechatronics-Electrical Level II

Mechatronics Level I

Mechatronics Level II

Mechatronics Level III

Mechatronics Level IV

Mechatronics Management

Mechatronics-Mechanical Level I

Mechatronics-Mechanical Level II

Mechatronics-Mechanical Level III

Mechatronics Operation

Mechatronics Practice

Mechatronics Technology


Media Production & Design

Medical Coding (or Medical Billing, Medical Billing & Coding, or Medical Insurance Coding)

Medical Office Administration (or Medical Office Management)

Medical Office Administration & Coding

Medical Office Professional

Medical Professions Education (or Medical Professions)

Medical Terminology

Medical Transcription

Medication Assisting Technology

Metal Repair

Microcomputer Systems Administration

Microcomputer Upgrade & Repair (or Microcomputer Maintenance/Repairer, or Microcomputer Repair Technician)

Microsoft Certified IT Professional Technology

Microsoft Certified Professional

Microsoft Operating Systems Desktop Support

Mobile Applications

Multi-Skills Technology

Multimedia Broadcasting

Nail & Skin Care

Nail Technician

NATE Certification

Network Associate

Network Installation & Repair

Network Security

Network/Systems Administration


Networking Technology

Nursing Assistant (or Nursing Assisting, or Nurse Assistant)

Office Management

Office Occupations

Office Specialist

Office Support (or Office Support Specialist)

Office Technology


Parts Specialist

Pastry Techniques-Basic

Patient Care Technology

Performance & Suspension Systems

Petroleum Technology

Pharmacy Technician Science

Phlebotomy (or Phlebotomy & EKG, or Phlebotomy Technician, or Phlebotomy Technology)


Plumbing Apprenticeship, Level I

Plumbing Apprenticeship, Level II

Plumbing Apprenticeship, Level III

Plumbing Apprenticeship, Level IV

Plumbing Service & Maintenance

Power Equipment Maintenance

Power Sports Engines Technology-4cycle Engines

Practical Nursing

Pre-Allied Health

Pre-Health Care Studies

Pre-Health Sciences

Process Technology

Production Technology

Professional Medical Coder

Professional Sales


Programmable Controls (or Programmable Logic Controllers-PLC)

Public Health

Radio Broadcasting

Refrigeration AC/HP Technology

Renewable Energy Technology

Restaurant Operations

Retail Management


Safety & Health

Service Learning Scholars

Sheet Metal

Shepherd Program in Poverty Studies

Skin Care

Small Unmanned Aircraft

Spirits & Mixology

Sprinkler Fitting

Stick Welding

Supply Chain Management

Surgical Technology

Teaching English as a Second Language

Teaching with Technology

TIG Welding

Tire Center Operator

Tractor & Trailer Operations

Tractor & Trailer Servicing

Transmissions & Brke Systems

Truck Driving (or Truck Driver Training)

Truck Service & Maintenance

Unmanned Aerial Systems

User Experience Design & Web Mobile Development

User Experience Web Design


Web Development

Web/Mobile Development

Weld Inspection



Welding (AWS)

Welding-Gas Metal Arc (GMAW)

Welding-Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW)

Welding-Inert Gas

Welding-Inspection & Testing

Welding Layout & Pipefitting (or Welding: Layout & Fabrication)


Welding-Master Pipe & Structural Program

Welding-MIG (Metal Inert Gas)

Welding-Mild Steel

Welding-OSHA 30


Welding-Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)

Welding Technology

Welding-Tungsten Inert Gas

Welding-Thermal Cutting

Wildlife Enforcement

Workforce Leadership

Workforce Readiness


Accounting & Finance

Accounting Assistant (or Accounting Support)

Accounting Technician (or Accounting Technology)

Administrative Office Technology (or Administrative Services Technology, or Administrative Support Technology)

Advanced Manufacturing Technology


Aerospace Cabin Construction

Agricultural Systems & Controls


Agriculture Operations

Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Technology

Allied Health

Architectural Design

Auto Body Repair (or Auto Collision Cosmetic Repair Technology, or Automotive Collision Repair Technology, or Automotive Repair & Troubleshooting)

Automotive Performance & Suspension Systems

Automotive Service Technology (or Automotive Technology, or Automotive Systems Repair)

Aviation Maintenance (choose a focus in Airframe or Powerplant)

Aviation Private Pilot

Avionics Technology

Baking & Pastry (or Baking Arts)

Banking/Financial Support Services

Behavioral Health Technology

Biomedical Electronics Repair

Biomedical Informatics


Business Computer Information Systems

Business Data Processing

Business Information Systems

Business Management

Business Systems Networking: Cisco

Business Technology

Business Technology-Banking

Child Advocacy Studies (CAST)

Civil/Landscape Design

Clerical Services

Coaching Endorsement: 7th-12th grade

Collision Repair Technology (or Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology)

Community Corrections

Computer & Network Installation & Repair Technology

Computer Forensics

Computer Graphic Technology

Computer Information Systems (or Computer Information Technology, or Computer Information Systems Technology)

Computer Maintenance (or Computer Maintenance/Networking or Computer Repair)

Computer Networking Technology

Computer Systems Technology (or Computer Network Technology, or Computer Networking Technology, or Computer Systems & Networking Technology, or Computer Systems Technology)

Computer-Aided Design

Computerized Accounting

Computerized Machining Technology

Construction Equipment Operation

Construction Technology

Correctional Law Enforcement


Cosmetology Instruction

Crime Scene Investigation

Criminal Correction Specialist

Criminal Investigation Science

Criminal Justice

Culinary (or Culinary Arts)

Culinary Services

Database Applications

Dental Assisting (or Dental Assisting Technology)

Diesel Maintenance Technology (or Diesel Service Technology)

Diesel Technology

Dietary Management

Digital Media Production

Drafting (or Drafting & Computer Aided Design, or Drafting & Design, or Drafting & Design Technology)

Early Childhood Development: Birth to Pre-K (or Early Childhood Education: Birth to Pre-K)

Early Childhood Education

Electrical Apprenticeship

Electrical Engine Specialty

Electromechanical Maintenance

Electromechanical Technology

Electromechanical Technology-Instrumentation (Advanced Certificate Program)


Emergency Medical Technician (or Paramedic, or Emergency Medical Technology, or Emergency Medical Science Technology, or Emergency Medical Services)

Energy Control Technology

Engineering Design Technology

Engineering Technology



Environmental Health & Safety Technology

Environmental Management & Regulatory Science

Environmental Regulatory Sciences

Facilities Maintenance

Fire Science

Food Service & Management

Forest Harvesting Technician

Funeral Science (or Funeral Directing)

Gaming & Interactive Media Design

General Aviation Maintenance II

General Business

General Studies


Graphic Communications

Graphic Design

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Management

Health Information Assistant

Health Information Billing & Coding

Health Information Management

Health Information Technology

Health Professions

Health Sciences

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (or HVAC, or HVACR)

Heavy Equipment Operation

High Voltage Lineman

Hospitality Management (or Hospitality Administration)

Hospitality Services

Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Electronics (name varies greatly by school)

Industrial Maintenance (name varies greatly by school)

Industrial Mechanics & Maintenance

Industrial Production Technology

Industrial Technology (name varies greatly by school)

Information Systems Technology (or Information Systems, or Information Science Technology)

Internet Technology/Web Page Design

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Administration

Legal Office

Legal Secretarial

Logistics Management

Machine Shop

Machine Tool Technology

Major Appliance Service


Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing Technology-Advanced

Marine Repair Technology

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Drafting

Mechanical Maintenance

Mechatronics (or Mechatronics Technology)


Medical Coding

Medical Office (or Medical Office Professional)

Medical Office Administration (or Medical Office Management)

Medical Office Technology

Medical Transcription

Microcomputer Business Applications

Microcomputer Maintenance/Repairer (or Microcomputer Repair Technician)

Microcomputer Systems Administration

Multi-Skills Technology

Multimedia Film & Video Production

Multimedia Graphics Technology

Multimedia Web Design & Development

Nail Technology

Network/Systems Administration


Occupational Skills

Office Administration (or Office Management)

Office Occupations

Office Software Specialist

Office Systems Technology

Office Technology

Paramedic (or Community Paramedic or Paramedic Technology)

Patient Care Technology

PC Maintenance & Repair

Petroleum Technology

Pharmacy Technician (or Pharmacy Technology, or Pharmacy Technician Science)



Pipe Welding

Plumbing Apprenticeship

Plumbing Technology

Power Sports Engines Technology

Powertrains Systems

Practical Nursing

Pre-Allied Health

Pre-Health Care Studies

Pre-Health Professions

Pre-Health Science

Process Technology

Professional Medical Coding

Radio Broadcasting

Renewable Energy Technology

Residential Construction/Carpentry

Secretarial/Word Processing

Simulation & Game Design

Small Business Management

Small Engine Technology (Motorcycle/ATV, Marine, Lawn/Garden)

Software Development (or Software Applications)

Sterile Processing

Supply Chain Management

Surgical Technology




Web Design


Welding Technology

Wildlife & Fisheries Enforcement

Wine & Spirits Studies

Word Processing/Desktop Publishing

Workforce Leadership