Arkansas State University-Mid-South
2000 W. Broadway
West Memphis, AR 72301
Phone: (870) 733-6722
Online: The mission of Arkansas State University Mid-South is to enrich lives through high-quality educational programming that fosters student success, workforce development and lifelong learning.
Enrollment 1423
School Type 2 Year
Funding Type Public
Admissions Information
Requirements ASU Mid-South admits students without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or veteran status. ASU Mid-South accepts ACT, SAT, COMPASS, ACCUPLACER Next Generation, or ASSET scores to determine placement in English, reading, and mathematics. More information about admissions can be located in our catalog online at
Minimum ACT 19
ACT subject scores of 19+ in reading, English, and mathematics (or equivalent SAT, ASSET or ACCUPLACER Next Generation scores).
Admissions Email
Admissions Phone (870) 733-6728
Scholarship Information
Highlights ASU Mid-South has many great scholarship opportunities, and our Foundation is working with community groups and individuals to make even more awards available. The College offers a variety of scholarships for students of all ages. Local individuals, companies, agencies, churches and schools/reunion committees contribute greatly to the effort. More Information Click Here Scholarship Email Scholarship Phone (870) 733-6729
Financial Aid Information
Highlights Paying for college can be difficult and even scary — but it doesn’t have to be. At ASU Mid-South, we are here to assist you. ASU Mid-South offers affordable education, and the specialists in our financial aid office will help you discover all the available options to pay for college.
Financial Aid Contact Crystal Burger Director
Financial Aid Phone (870) 733-6729
Financial Aid Email
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Degree Programs

Aviation Maintenance (or Aviation Maintenance Technology)


Digital Media

General Education

Hospitality Management

Information Systems Technology (or Information Technology, Information Science Technology or Information Systems)

Medical Assistant (or Medical Assisting)

Respiratory Care (or Respiratory Therapy, or Respiratory Care Technology)

Advanced Emergency Medical Technology

Advanced Manufacturing (Choose a focus in: Welding, Machine Tool Tech, Electromechanical Tech, Electrical Engineering Tech, or Mechanical Engineering Tech)

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Business Computer Information Systems (or Business Information Technology, or Business Information Systems Technology)

Computer Information Systems


Power Plant Technology


Administrative Office Specialist

CNC Operations & Programming

Emergency Medical Technician (or Paramedia, or Emergency Medical Technology or Emergency Medical Technical-Basic, or EMT)

Film & Video Production

Flux-Core Welding Technology

Food Service Management

General Aviation Maintenance Technology

General Studies

Heavy Truck Diesel Maintenance

Hospitality Management (or Hospitality Administration, or Hospitality & Tourism, or Hospitality, or Hospitality Skills, or Hospitality Services)

Machine Technology (or Machine Tool Technology)

Machine Technology: Machinist II

Mechatronics-Electrical Level I

Mechatronics-Electrical Level II

Mechatronics Level I

Mechatronics Level II

Mechatronics Level III

Mechatronics Level IV

Mechatronics Management

Mechatronics-Mechanical Level I

Mechatronics-Mechanical Level II

Mechatronics-Mechanical Level III

Microcomputer Upgrade & Repair (or Microcomputer Maintenance/Repairer, or Microcomputer Repair Technician)

Network Associate

Nursing Assistant (or Nursing Assisting, or Nurse Assistant)

Phlebotomy (or Phlebotomy & EKG, or Phlebotomy Technician, or Phlebotomy Technology)

Process Technology

Welding-Gas Metal Arc (GMAW)

Welding-Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW)

Welding-Shielded Metal Arc (SMAW)

Allied Health

Aviation Maintenance

Aviation Maintenance (choose a focus in Airframe or Powerplant)

Diesel Maintenance Technology (or Diesel Service Technology)

Hospitality Management (or Hospitality Administration)