Banking & Credit

Outsmarting Student Loan Debt

Before taking out loans for school, you must understand exactly what you’re borrowing. We’ve provided an overview of federal student loans and the importance of repaying them on time.

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Inflation: What is Happening?

This hot topic defined (and how it affects you!)

Money Does Grow, But Not on Trees

President and CEO of the Arkansas Bankers Association Lorrie Trodgen writes about how to set and meet your financial goals

BANK ON IT: Brent Elliott, Financial Consulting

Brent Elliott is owner of and finance consultant at School Business Advisory Services Inc.

BANK ON IT: Lydia Davis Frizzell, JD, General Counsel

Lydia Davis Frizzell is general counsel for Farmers & Merchants Bank.

BANK ON IT: Weston McDaniel, Lender

Weston McDaniel is vice president of the lending division of First National Bank.

BANK ON IT: Jada Abner, Financial Services Trainer

Jada Abner is a financial services trainer at Farmers Bank & Trust.