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Jobs In Demand: Inside 5 Industries With Real, Young Professionals

As you consider your college major and future career options in Arkansas, it pays to look into the occupations in constant demand here.

The Freshman 15: Staying Healthy Isn't Just about the Number on the Scale

College is a unique time of life. For many, it will be your first taste of living on your own and caring for yourself.

What's Next: Jonnathan Ortiz on 4-Year Universities

Senior Jonnathan Ortiz always knew he wanted to be an educator and that going to a four-year university would be the best option for him.

What's Next: Corey Goodman on Online Degrees

Corey Goodman is a true go-getter. Even though he graduated Highland High School in 2016, Corey has already earned enough college credits taking online courses via Arkansas Tech University–Ozark Campus and the University of Central Arkansas that he’ll be a junior for the 2017-18 school year.

What's Next: Jacob Veach on Technical Schools

Although he was not able to go to college right after graduating, Jacob Veach made the most of it by working different jobs that taught him the need for higher education.

What's Next: Marcus Bell on Apprenticeships

Marcus will continue to work under a journeyman electrician for the next three years until he completes the four years of training required before taking the state licensing exam. He says the apprenticeship keeps him on his toes because each day is different.

What's Next: Sunnie Cunningham on 2-Year Colleges

After witnessing many nurses serve as caregivers to her hospitalized grandmother, Sunnie Cunningham decided nursing was a career that would give her personal fulfillment.

What's Next: Jonni Jones on Military Service

Before heading to college, Jonni Jones served in the United States Army. After sustaining an injury to her ankle, she became medically separated and is now seeking a degree at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.