Getting a Job in Arkansas

Here's who’s hiring at Arkansas’ best companies.

ASU–Beebe Offers John Deere Agriculture Tech Program

After graduating from the two-year program, John Deere Agricultural Equipment Technology employees begin with a starting salary that ranges between $25,900-$39,760.

Cool Things Made in Arkansas

From chicken, boats and steel to toilet paper, ammunition and multiple launch rocket systems, Arkansas boasts booming industries of all kinds. These Arkansas-made goods are shipped and used around the world.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Joining the Military

College perks, unique jobs, common misconceptions and how to join — an in-depth guide to military service and careers.

The Last Word: More Great Reasons to Consider a Skilled Trade

Young Arkansas pros offer more advice on why it made sense to choose a skilled trade career.

NEXT PROS JOB MATCH: Steven Powell on Automation & Robotics

Electro-mechanical technicians operate automated and robotic equipment. They use both electrical and mechanical expertise to maintain and repair the manufacturing equipment, typically found in a factory setting.

NEXT PROS JOB MATCH: Marco Torres Carranza on CAD/CAM Drafting

Computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) drafters take the vision of an architect or engineer and use computer software to create 2D design drawings or 3D simulations to aid in production.