From dozens of flavors in the ice cream aisle to hundreds of styles on the clothing rack, we like having the chance to pick what suits us best. Your higher education plans should be no different.

Fortunately, there are many education options to choose from when building the right plan for you. From a four-year degree program to a military path, it’s important that you’re familiar with all the possible routes before taking your next step.

This section breaks down nine ways to take your education to the next level, and it shares the stories of real Arkansas students who've found a path that works for them. So go ahead — dig in and find the option for you!

Lexi Weeks on Four-Year Colleges

Sadie Larkin on Online Degrees

Micah Cottrell on Two-Year College

Abby Shourd on Concurrent Credit

Dakston Drennan on Technical School

Zach Ray on Military Service

Destany Lytle on Degree Centers

Luke Roberson on Apprenticeship

Austin Harrison on Graduate School