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7 Ways To Reach Your Next Level

This section breaks down nine ways to take your education to the next level, and it shares the stories of real Arkansas students who've found a path that works for them. So go ahead — dig in and find the option for you!

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College Countdown: What You Need to Do, When You Need to Do It

It's never too soon to get ready for your days after high school. Arkansas Next gives you a few tips on how to prepare.

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Jobs In Demand: Inside 5 Industries With Real, Young Professionals

As you consider your college major and future career options in Arkansas, it pays to look into the occupations in constant demand here.

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The Freshman 15: Staying Healthy Isn't Just about the Number on the Scale

College is a unique time of life. For many, it will be your first taste of living on your own and caring for yourself.

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What's Next: Jonnathan Ortiz on 4-Year Universities

Senior Jonnathan Ortiz always knew he wanted to be an educator and that going to a four-year university would be the best option for him.

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