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9 Ways To Reach Your Next Level

This section breaks down nine ways to take your education to the next level, and it shares the stories of real Arkansas students who've found a path that works for them. So go ahead — dig in and find the option for you!

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Raise the Stakes: 6 Notable Graduate Schools & Programs in Arkansas

Graduate degrees take more time and money, but they just might pay off in a big way. Below, you'll find six notable graduate schools and programs found in the state of Arkansas.

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What's Next: Lexi Weeks on Four-Year Colleges

Most bachelor’s programs are on a four-year track, but how long it takes is up to you.

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What's Next: Sadie Larkin on Online Degrees

Online degree programs are more convenient, offering working students a flexible class schedule and the ability to work at their own pace.

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What's Next: Micah Cottrell on Two-Year College

Two-year colleges allow students to adjust to college life gradually. Plus, students at two-year colleges get the courses they need for the first two years of a bachelor’s degree for less money.

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