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Jobs in Demand: Annu Kumari on Information Science / Data Security

The Information Science field is broad and growing quickly. In Arkansas alone, openings for Information Security Analysts and Computer Systems Analysts are projected to grow up to 28 percent by 2024.

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Jobs in Demand: Michael Pharis on Physical Therapy

In Arkansas alone, physical therapy assistants, physical therapists and occupational therapists are three of the top five fastest growing jobs.

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Jobs in Demand: Rachel Scott on Skilled Labor

Possibilities are broad when it comes to skilled labor. Degrees range from electricians, truck drivers and welders to auto repair technicians and mechanics.

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The Paying Field: Claire Davies on Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology requires skills in treating human communication, ranging from a stutter to complete loss of speech. This growing field is highly competitive, so make sure you keep in mind the master’s program requirements throughout your undergrad education.

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The Paying Field: Rudy Steward on Welding

Welding jobs range in difficulty and salary pretty drastically. As a welder you could work on NASCAR cars, a nuclear powerplant, hospitals, deep-sea oil rigs or even underwater pipes. Keep in mind that the more types of welding you master, the more you can earn. For salaries in welding, the sky’s the limit!

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