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Where The Jobs Are (And Who Pays the Most) in Arkansas

Take a look at Arkansas’ biggest employers, fastest-growing industries, happiest employees, and average salaries.

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What’s Higher Education REALLY Worth?

The amount of education you pursue and the degree(s) you obtain will determine everything from the type of house you live in and car you drive to where you vacation and the clothes you are able to buy. The good news is, how you end up is in your hands. Check out the following lifestyles by degree level to see which one matches your expectations for life after high school.

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The Paying Field: Claire Davies on Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology requires skills in treating human communication, ranging from a stutter to complete loss of speech. This growing field is highly competitive, so make sure you keep in mind the master’s program requirements throughout your undergrad education.

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The Paying Field: Rudy Steward on Welding

Welding jobs range in difficulty and salary pretty drastically. As a welder you could work on NASCAR cars, a nuclear powerplant, hospitals, deep-sea oil rigs or even underwater pipes. Keep in mind that the more types of welding you master, the more you can earn. For salaries in welding, the sky’s the limit!

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The Paying Field: Kyle Tabor on Entrepreneurship

People who start their own businesses make some really important contributions to the overall economy. The Small Business Administration reports that entrepreneurs employ half of the country’s non-government workforce. That’s a big deal!

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