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Financial Aid

How To Score Free Money for Your Higher Education

There is cost involved whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a certificate of proficiency. How much of that cost comes out of your purse or pocket? Well, that’s up to you.

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The Money Quiz: Are You Prepared for College's Financial Demands?

Find out if you’re prepared to take on college’s financial demands, and get some tailor-made advice just for you!

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Student Loans: Why They Should Be Your Last Resort — and the Kind to Get If You Must

After you’ve exhausted all avenues for free financial aid like scholarships and grants, try again. Then, if you still come up empty-handed, or don’t have enough to foot the whole bill, consider borrowing for college.

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101 Things You Need To Know About Getting Financial Aid

Higher education can be surprisingly affordable — even free. Follow our step-by-step plan to pay as little as possible for your degree.

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Paycheck Yourself: The Average Salary of 91 Arkansas Occupations

If you want to be a ________ in Arkansas, you’ll make $_______. Fill in the blanks with our guide to Arkansas occupations and the average salaries professionals make in that field.

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