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6 Arkansas College Towns Revealed

Picking the right college is a feat in itself, but we’re here to help with another aspect of college life — learning about the town you’ll be living in. Whether you’re looking for a big-city feel, proximity to nature or something in between, there’s a place for everyone in Arkansas.

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College Life Revealed: 37 Tips Real Arkansas Undergrads Wish They Had Known

Ever wonder what it’s like to live in a dorm? How college professors really are towards students? What things you’ll need on move-in day? If frats are just good for their parties? Where you’ll be able to find help on campus, if needed?

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Take A Sneak Peek at Your Future Dorm Room

Take a look at some campus living quarters from around the state to see what you can expect freshman year.

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The Freshman 15: Staying Healthy Isn't Just about the Number on the Scale

College is a unique time of life. For many, it will be your first taste of living on your own and caring for yourself.

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Going Greek: The Truth About Fraternities & Sororities

There’s more to Greek life than you might think. They’re different at public and private universities. They defy the myths and stereotypes. And they aren’t for everyone.

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